Why migrate to WordPress


Business owners need the ability to update their website easily, as keeping it updated plays a role in SEO. This is why they must migrate to WordPress.

A customisable content management system used to build websites by developers. WordPress allows business owners to access an admin area to easily edit specific sections of their website.

Reasons to migrate to WordPress

1. An affordable cost-effective solution

If you’re a new business owner, like most other smaller businesses you might be on a tight budget. The cost of calling developers for general updates or typos can quickly add up.

WordPress can become a brilliant tool for your business as it allows you to easily make unlimited amounts of changes to your website.

2. Updates & plugins

As WordPress is an open-source platform, it provides free updates to keep your website updated with the latest security and web standards.

Another benefit of the platform is that you have the ability to access its open-source plugins library. These installable plugins are useful tools to simplify tasks, integrate software and automate processes.

If you’re already using WordPress, you should take a look at our recommended list of must-have WordPress plugins for new businesses.

3. Easily add content and improve SEO

Keeping websites updated is a huge factor for SEO rankings, as it’s already documented that content is key for this.

The more [quality] content your website has, results in Google to crawl more content to add to its search results.

WordPress includes inbuilt blogging functionality, making it a great platform for content generation.

These blogs can enable your business to produce lead-generating content, whilst creating visitor followings, much like social media platforms do.

Since WordPress uses top web-standards, it automatically generates the best SEO practices within all your posts and pages (when using a plugin, such as Yoast SEO). Whilst making it easy for you to edit meta titles, descriptions, URLs and even image alt tags to help optimise your website’s SEO further.

Migrating over

When migrating to WordPress, make sure you’re avoiding recycled WordPress template designs, as most website design agencies often recycle their clients’ websites, as cost-effective solutions.

This can cause distrust with your customers who’ve already visited a similarly designed website, whilst giving your business some bad reputation.

These recycled templates can also be filled with unnecessary scripts that your website may never even use. Hindering on website speeds and performances, causing visitors to navigate away and onto a competitor’s website.

We always create bespoke WordPress websites for our clients. This not only avoids the above but also enables us to design our clients’ new website to complement their brand’s assets; such as their logo, social media profiles and stationery, for example.

Posted on 4th Oct 2017