Top 5 UK eCommerce websites


We’ve compiled a list of the best eCommerce stores in the UK. Analysing what they provide, how they digitally operate and what makes them popular in the UK.

Popular eCommerce stores in the UK

1. Amazon UK

Amazon UK homepage

Amazon provides everything from online shopping, music, audiobooks, web servers and even household tech such as the Amazon Alexa.

Looking at their eCommerce experience, it’s a massive marketplace. The website allows visitors to buy products online, provided by lots of international based businesses — including the UK.

Amazon also uses its own platform to upsell their own in-house products such as Amazon Prime, Alexa, Basics Range, Servers and lots more — making it an eCommerce website which provides almost everything!

As you can imagine, Amazon is most likely built with numerous software such as PHP, Java, Perl, etc. making it such a bespoke website. Therefore, an extremely bespoke user experience too.

2. eBay UK

eBay UK homepage

eBay is another eCommerce marketplace which competes with Amazon within the UK, however, not as much at an international level.

The eCommerce system on eBay is again extremely bespoke due to the complexity of the website’s requirements.

The website has two sides; the eCommerce aspect and the marketplace aspect. Allowing anyone to instantly sign-up, list a product and allow the rest of the world to buy them online.

3. Tesco

Tesco's homepage

Tesco is a well-known household supermarket brand through the whole of the UK.

Tesco’s website has an easy to use eCommerce functionality, allowing users to place orders online for delivery or collect in-store instead.

The website’s experience is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in the UK. The experience mimics the style of a shopping list, giving it an in-store experience online.

4. Boohoo

Boohoo's homepage

Boohoo is more of a standard eCommerce website in the UK, it’s nowhere near as complex as Amazon or eBay.

This eCommerce website provides fashionable clothing aimed primarily towards women in the UK. Allowing them to target their online marketing to a much more niche sector, keeping them a leader in their specific sector.


ASOS homepage

ASOS is another fashion-based eCommerce website which is extremely popular in the UK amongst millennials.

The design of this online store is very minimal, allowing it to constantly emulate itself towards the current style of fashion through very few design tweaks, such as changing the photography style.

The development of this website is again very bespoke, allowing it to have its own bespoke features. One of these being a unique way to indicate related products and up-sells through “buy the look” type features. Allowing users to buy products from the complete outfit and not just one part.

Posted on 20th Apr 2017