Organic SEO or Google Ads


Internet today is not the same Internet that we were introduced to decades ago.

From being a simple medium of exchanging and communication of information, the Internet today has evolved as the world’s most powerful and effective medium of marketing.

With millions of new users adding in every day, thousands of new websites commencing every hour, and multi-millions of users searching for things to see, this is the most powerful era for the internet …and can be for your business too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or a brand seeking recognition, following or just a bit of attention from your online customers. The Internet possesses a world of opportunities and possibilities for your business growth and you can utilise all of those by understanding the power of digital marketing.

Understanding organic SEO and Google Ads

There are two different ways of getting your website found on Google, organic SEO or Google Ads.

While the first one is a cost-effective and time taking process, the second kind way requires some funds and a good knowledge of Google’s technical interface, also known as Google Ads.

What is organic SEO

Google's Search Console tool for website owners

SEO can be simply explained as the procedure of boosting a website’s online visibility and therefore, pushing it higher towards to top of search engine results so that every potential customer who is looking for a similar service to your business can easily find your website as their first choice.

Needless to say, SEO is the most optimum way to increase your business or brand’s online walk-ins.

What is Google Ads

Using Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform of which you can boost your page’s ranking to the top of a search result for almost any set of keywords you’d like (within reason).

The cost for this can range anywhere between pennies and pounds per-click, depending on the keyword and quality of your ads in relation to your landing page’s content (also known as the quality score).

Which is better, organic SEO or Google Ads?

Comparing listing types within Google Search

While both the processes are different when it comes to execution, they can definitely be compared in terms of output, the time consumed, cost constraints and longevity of usage.

The output

Google Ads may work for some but not for everyone.

They can sometimes show and sometimes not. It often depends on a number of things such as wrong campaign set-ups, out-bided keywords or daily budgets running low.

Organic SEO, on the other hand, is a sure-shot way to ensure good output in terms of traffic and rankings. It’s mostly constant as long as you’re consistent with your SEO strategies.

Time consumed

While both processes do require time and patience to show results, Google Ads do the job quicker.

Cost constraints

Organic SEO is not that costly to be undertaken. Google Ads, on the other hand, do come with their own cost constraints, which are high and require consistent investment and often daily-management.

Longevity of usage

The Internet is a dynamic place. Needless to say, rankings and algorithms keep changing. However, when coupled with organic SEO practices, these rankings do turn out to be stable over a longer period of time as compared with the processes of Google Ads, often due to limited marketing budgets.

Using both SEO & Google Ads together

More Google real estate

Example of Moz owning more Google real estate

It’s possible to use both SEO and Google Ads together, as this way, you earn more real estate within the search results, doubling your odds for a click.

The most effective method is to own the organic first-position ranking, as well as the solo first-position Google Ad. As you essentially end up pushing the other search results lower down the page, as per the image example above.

Improve Google Ad quality scores

As mentioned above, the quality score can play a factor for ads costing pennies or pounds.

Quality scores are generated by Google Ads by looking at the bided-for keyword’s relation to your advertisement’s landing page.

Meaning adding keywords on your landing page can increase the quality score — thus, decreasing keyword’s the cost-per-click.

Posted on 28th Oct 2018