Neil Wilson Design

Web design

Design brief

NWD is a creative agency with a keen focus on interior design. They are known for crafting interiors for some of Newcastle’s most known companies and restaurants.

NWD want to express their digital presence to match their current design standards both aesthetically and efficiently. They want to redesign their full website in order to create a smart and concise portfolio system.

Design solution

Combining our design methodologies with NWDs, we stripped out all of the unnecessary elements within the previous website and kept what was important to echo NWDs values, allowing us to increase the website’s performance and user-based efficiency.

The NWD website now runs on its own custom content management system (CMS), allowing the uploaded projects to be more bespoke in order to tell their stories better. The CMS allows each project to become sectioned into sub-categories, allowing the admin to upload a project to show interior, branding, and digital work separately, making the projects more systemized and concise.

Creating the custom CMS also allowed us to maximize the website’s performance and make use of new technologies such as image focus point software, allowing images to be specifically positioned on tablet and mobile devices.

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