Doing The Damage,
Web design.

It's been great to work on this with you and thanks for getting it done so quickly!
— DJ Felix Leiter

Design brief.

Doing The Damage is a new startup business ran by DJ Felix Leiter, the resident DJ of Digital Newcastle — ranked 11th best nightclub in the world, by a DJ Mag.

The new startup idea is based on a website that offers DJs exclusive content to music that they can play on their club nights. The website is to offer an invite-only application, of which DJs must fill to then be accepted. Once approved, the DJ is sent an exclusive link to set-up their paid-membership enrolment.

Design solution.

Doing The Damage is built on WordPress, making the website’s content easier to manage. This also allows the website’s admins to easily upload new tracks and manage their members.

The web design offers a bespoke design — something that was important for the new startup’s brand. They wanted to future-proof their SEO value due to template-designs offering poor built-in optimisation.

The website’s functionality offers a recurring membership payment system that uses Stipe as a payment-gateway, providing low third-party payment-fees and hassle-free integration. The website also offers an automated referral program, providing a unique referral link for each DJ to share.

When building the startup’s website, track-download and preview speed was a priority. Utilising Amazon’s Web Servers (AWS.), playing tracks efficiently was not an issue — whilst also keeping ongoing costs affordable for the new startup.

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