We Are Crafty

Web design

The new website generated an 80% increase of total sales within the first week of launch than its predecessor had ever sold.

Design brief

We Are Crafty is a crafty startup company wishing to market their business services and retail experience to the digital world in order to gain more reach. They felt that their existing website needed to stand out from competition and showcase the true craft behind each of their products.

Design solution

We developed a bespoke digital experience from both web and social media aspects for the company.

A custom e-commerce website was designed and developed in order to create the most bespoke and tailored experience for the company’s online customers. This custom system allowed the company to specify and tell us how they wanted their customers to engage and flow throughout their website, making the user’s experience unique towards the company.

Social media activity was previously an issue for the company as they felt that they couldn’t produce enough engaging content throughout the year to stay active. To solve this, we produced a social marketing campaign that allowed the company to produce endless amounts of content when required by utilising popular quotes related to their niece market – gift giving. We produced a company branded template that they could place quotes into and publish directly online.

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