Web design

Design brief

A new startup company; succeeding in revolutionizing today’s counter system styles, Solidkit has crafted a unique series of bespoke counter systems by utilizing new innovative materials and processes.

Solidkit is ready to disrupt today’s common market by showcasing their potential. They want to stay true to their core values by sharing the message of their success; man-made and handcrafted.

Design solution

To combine the values of man-made and traditional craft with the message of new innovation, we designed and developed a website that showcased post-modernist styles, hinting towards Solidkit’s traditional craft-based methodologies.

We designed the website around their systems, following their sharp bold finishes, allowing us to keep the website’s design clean, expressing their pre-established values of simplicity and elegance behind each of their systems.

A custom content management system (CMS) was developed to allow the team to manage additional systems and categories on the website for future system expansions; allowing the Solidkit brand to grow as it developed.

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