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December 3, 2017

Online automation for business processes can be useful to save on both time and money by automating your daily tasks throughout your business.

What is online business automation?

Every business process is bespoke to each business and therefore online automation tools are developed bespoke to them too.

Imagine your everyday tasks from calculations, emailing, management or tasks that can be done by others but only you have the access to process them. All of which can be held on a website that allows your team to easily perform the process. Online business automation can become a centralised hub for your business. Allowing you, your team or even the website to automatically perform business processes and have access to them anywhere at anytime.

Whether it’s calculating costs, profits, ROI or even stock management; you’re likely to already be using an automated Excel spreadsheet for your daily business tasks. The problem with spreadsheets is that you may be limited for the spreadsheet to be bespoke to your business process or perhaps even limited for mass-accessibility and real-time updates.

Example of online automation for business processes

An example of online automation system we developed was for a fitness company, They required a system that allowed athletes to log nutrition and food data into a personalised and easily accessible website.

User interface for IIFYMs automated calculator

User interface for IIFYMs automated calculator.

We developed the online solution by allowing athletes to login with their Facebook account using Facebook’s secure API. Allowing the website’s admins to easily gather information from each users for further marketing. The online system also utilised a Facebook Pixel that allowed the website’s admins to monitor which athletes regularly used the tool.

The online automation process was relatively complex. Itt required the ability for users to manually log new food data bespoke to their accounts. The system then automatically calculated the intake of micronutrients the athlete had consumed throughout the day. This data was based off their bespoke entry, which most often changed on a daily bases.

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