How businesses can SEO in Newcastle | Search optimisation
March 10, 2018

SEO targeting in Newcastle isn’t really too hard depending on the business. As when businesses SEO in Newcastle, it becomes a niche in itself. You just need to make sure to cover most of our SEO strategies.

How to SEO in Newcastle

  • Optimise your website by covering the basics;
  • Do your keyword research for Newcastle and North East related terms;
  • Produce quality Newcastle related and SEO friendly content;
  • Hunt for quality links to your website from authoritative websites relating to the North East.

Cover the basics

We’ve previously written a blog article on website mistakes to avoid. That article covers the basics as well as this, although it may still be worth reading together to fully maximise your website’s SEO value.

You can also use our in-house website SEO checker we’ve developed to help cover the basics of your website’s SEO.

Submit your sitemap

Google & Bing’s Webmaster Tools

Google and Bing both have their own webmaster tools page. This allows you to submit your website’s sitemap to their search engines in order for them to list your website.

By doing so, you not only get your website listed, but they also provide search data of what people are searching for when clicking your listing. This data could be useful to see if your listing are triggering any clicks through Newcastle related search terms. This should further guide you, in case you need to increase the use of Newcastle related content on your website.

Keyword optimised content

Heading tags

Heading tags are tags placed around your website, telling search-bots such as Googlebot that “this is the page’s topic”. It also helps generate some structural hierarchy for your content.

These tags should be placed around your website’s homepage in particular with the keyword Newcastle included, although this has to show some relevance towards the page topic of course.

Meta titles & descriptions

So many small businesses look past these tags and wonder why they don’t rank on Google. That’s due to them not knowing anything about them in the first place.

The meta title and description tags are what show in Google’s search page. Essentially we need to cover the most relevant keywords for your business services, including  business locality (Newcastle).

Example of a meta title and description shown in Google's search page

Example of a meta title and description shown in Google’s search page.

If you’re using a website built on WordPress, Yoast SEO is a great WordPress plugin to use. This plugin makes it really easy for non-web-developers to optimise their meta titles and descriptions, without any coding experience necessary.

Website content

Website content is important, you need to make the text on your website obvious that your business operates and relates to Newcastle. This not only includes heading tags (of which we’ve already covered above), but general paragraphs other elements too.

Image alt text

In terms of images on your website, you can better optimise these with keywords. Images require accessibility to view for visually impaired visitors and screen-reader devices. To describe what an image is related to, we can use alt text to do so.

As accessibility is an important requirement for SEO, so is content. Therefore, being able to show relevant imagery of Newcastle when talking about your business services will allow you to insert the keyword Newcastle into your image alt text, whilst also covering the accessibility aspect of SEO.

Again, if you’re using a website built with WordPress, most websites will allow you to edit the images in the media section in order to add relevant alt text.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Whilst on the topic of content, it’s important to cover LSIs. These are alternative keywords that have a direct relation to primary keyword. For example, if we were to target a page’s SEO for the term SEOs in Newcastle; we should also be trying to cover the related keywords. These would be keywords such as SEOs in the North East, PPC Newcastle or digital marketing Newcastle.

A quick way of gathering these LSI keywords is by typing your keyword into Google and scrolling to the bottom to find the related searches.

Searching Google for LSIs with the query SEO in Newcastle

Searching Google for LSIs with the query SEO in Newcastle.

Mobile responsive website

To see if your website is mobile responsive, you can use Google’s tool to find out. This is classed as a ranking factor for Google as it would fall under the accessibility category requirement of your website.

Testing a website for mobile responsiveness through Google's free online tool

Testing a website for mobile responsiveness through Google’s free online tool.

Fast website loading times

Website loading speed and performance is also a factor for SEO. For some larger businesses with lots of North East based web-traffic, it might even be worth finding a hosting provider with their servers located in the North East. This would help visitors from the North East access the website faster as they’re closer to the hosting server.

If your website is built on WordPress, there’s a full repository of great cache plugins you can use to optimise your website for speed and performance.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to measure the speed of your website.

Testing website loading speeds through Google's PageSpeed Insights tool to improve SEO scores

Testing website loading speeds through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to improve SEO scores.

Why get bespoke design over template?

We’re always against template-based website design. Not only does it mean websites look similar, but also that it could slow down your website. This is due to templates loading unnecessary scripts and functionality that your website may never even require, yet it still has to cater to all as it’s a template. They essentially goes against the website’s speed and performance point we previously covered.

Cover the intermediate

Security & legal compliance

SSL certificate

An SSL generates an encryption between the website the visitor. These are generally important for all websites, but e-commerce online shopping websites in particular.

Being compliant in security is classed as a ranking factor by Google, that’s why an SSL can help to improve a website’s SEO rankings.

Website’s responsibilities

Websites that provide contact pages, about us pages or possibly even privacy policies can help build a responsibility factor with Google. This is documented through Google’s search quality rating PDF, of which they train real people about reviewing websites from.

Obviously having a contact page is a good idea if you’re wanting to generate more Newcastle related content for your website.

Possibly GDPR compliance

We believe that the impact of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) may have an impact on website’s SEO rankings. Therefore it’s better to have this than not be compliant.

Get verified with Google Business in Newcastle

Getting verified with Google Business builds trust with your business and Google. This helps show that there’s a real registered business address and physical location — helping to build that responsibility factor with your website and Google.

When registering your place of address, take note that businesses in the center of Newcastle may show up first in Google Maps when searched for outside of Newcastle. If your customers are already in Newcastle, for example Tynemouth; businesses near their current location may show up first when searching for Newcastle related search-terms.

Submit your business to the North East’s online directories

By submitting your business into North East based directories, you generate important backlinks that help establish that your business is based in Newcastle further.

Cover the advance

Error handling

Page-not-found page / 404 page

Having a 404 page allows your visitors not just appear on a blank page when they encounter a broken link. According to Google’s search quality rating PDF, even a 404 page can be manually reviewed. 404 pages that seem to score highly are those that include an effort to help the user. For example, adding a search functionality on this page could possibly improve the score.

Broken links / 301 redirects

If you’re a business who’s just got a new website in hopes to improve SEO value, you may need to consider maintaining the SEO value first. When developers build new websites for businesses with existing websites, some tend to forget about maintaining the old URL structure on the new website.

Changes of page URLs may cause confusion for the visitor. If they’ve accessed your website through Google and the page they’ve requested is now missing and they’ve not been told that it’s been moved, Google will remove the broken page from their search results. To solve this, using a 301 redirect can tell both your visitors and search engines that a page has been permanently moved; redirecting them to the new page automatically.

Google’s Search Console can help notify you of any URLs that triggered a page-not-found error.

Be vocal about your accreditations and partnerships

We’ve seen a vast majority of construction companies in the North East do extremely well in SEO. This got us investigating in the correlation between them all and why they’re performing better in SEO than other Newcastle based businesses.

We’ve found that it could be all down to showing-off your qualifications. Most building companies are generally members of associations and hold many partnerships and accreditations with companies such as CHAS and Build Base for example. They’re also listed on websites such as Trust A Trader and Checked & Vetted.

Displaying these accreditations and partnerships on their website should then essentially increase the responsibility factor of the business and therefore website with Google. These companies would also have backlinks from these larger organisations, giving them a further boost in improving trust with Google through another website’s backlink.

Other ways to SEO in Newcastle and beyond the North East

Apply your business other directories

Trade-specific directories

Applying your business to relevant directories can not only help drive traffic through them, but generate important backlinks from niche industries related to your business.

General UK business directories

Produce quality Newcastle related and SEO friendly content

Record videos

Video based content is great as some prefer watching videos more than reading. You could essentially create videos and embed them on your website, whilst making a transcript to generate the content after. This should essentially engage both the viewer, whilst keeping Google happy with the content.

Start blogging

WordPress websites are made primarily for blogging. Therefore using WordPress is great if you’re wanting to start generating business news through a blog. The more Newcastle related content you have, the better you’ll rank in Newcastle.

To sum it up

Once you’ve covered the basics, start on the intermediate and then advance. After you’ve done all this, you just need to maintain your rankings by producing quality content. You can do this by updating your portfolio or case studies depending on your business sector, or even start blogging to generate some business related news. You just need to make sure to keep the new content optimised for Newcastle.

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