How long does it take to build a new website

Business strategy

It generally takes our team of creatives 2–3 weeks to design & develop you a bespoke new website, depending on the complexity.

The new website’s delivery process

In the website’s delivery process, we believe it’s important to include the client in each step. This helps both us and the client understand the design and build of the new website better.

Step 1. The design

This step takes our team of talented designers roughly one week. This depends on how many bespoke pages are required to be designed for your new website.

Our designers first research everything about your company, niche market and direct competitors. This helps them design the most effective solution to overtake your competition. They seek out what your business requires, tactics your competitors are using, their own creative knowledge and innovative design strategies in order to design your new website.

Step 2. The development

After you have approved the design, it’s over to our development team to start building it. Again, depending on the complexity of the website and how many bespoke pages are required; it takes our development team roughly one to two weeks to build.

Our development team builds the website on a live development server. This enables you to continuously monitor the progress of your new website. The development team also run their final checks on this server, making sure to iron out any potential bugs before going live.

The development team is also in charge of making sure the new website is fully optimised for search engines such as Google to maximise its performance.

Step 3. The content

After the development is finished, it’s then up to you to deliver any missing content. The timescale for this solely depends on how fast you can send this over to our developers. As all of our websites are built using WordPress, this allows you to also access the website’s content management system in order to further populate any missing content in the future.

Posted on 4th Nov 2017