Content creation

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Blogging is one way to generate content for websites. Giving you an opportunity to start implementing your keywords to increase website's rankings.

What is content creation?

Search engines favour fresh, unique and quality content that is meant to be read by humans (not only search-bots).

Content creation such as a blogs article, for example, can be a great way to start generating this style of content. Blogging about the industry, business news or an experience can make an impact on your website’s rankings. Generating numerous ranked page results can help to increase organic traffic — boosting rankings even further.

Writing blog articles

As mentioned above, blogging is one way to start generating content for your website. If done right, it gives you an opportunity to start implementing your keywords in order to increase your website’s search engine ranks.

Writing new case studies

If you’re a B2B business, you might be generating new case studies to showcase to your visitors. If you’re a designer, you might be adding content to your online portfolio on your website. Whichever the case, each of these can be optimised for increasing your website’s SEO value — if done right. Conducting a thorough enough SEO audit and keyword research may help you with this.

Updating old content

By updating old website content to include more focused keywords and correct formatting could help to boost their current rankings even higher. However, bare on the side of caution that your changes could also go the opposite way if done incorrectly.