Why businesses need a website

Business strategy

Big or small, regardless; any business will inevitably need a website to grow. It helps keep a business approachable, visible and profitable, here’s how;

Visibility & Accessibility

It’s after hours and a new potential customer is trying to ring that number plastered to the side of your van, office or billboard, only to get sent to voicemail — you might as well have said, “We’re not interested in any new business, please try again tomorrow, thanks”.

Having a website would have a great advantage as that potential customer would have the option to learn more about your business. It could have even informed them about your opening times. Regardless of what they do on your website; you know that your business is constantly visible and open to customers, even when you’re not.

Online sales

Having a website that has the capability to instantly sell products (an e-commerce website) goes a long way. Not only for your current customers but also new customers who now have the capability to visit your business from anywhere, worldwide. Ultimately it can help drive your business even more sales.

Instant support

Sometimes customers might call you to ask the smallest of things. Having a website with a FAQs page can take care of all that. It can help inform customers about your opening hours, shipping destinations, general lead times or almost anything you may get asked on a day-to-day basis — so why not save both the customer’s time and yours?

Posted on 31st Aug 2017