Choosing the right web design company in Newcastle | Business Strategy | Point & Quack
January 19, 2018

Newcastle has become a hub for IT companies over the recent years, making it hard to choose the right web design company in Newcastle for your business.

Checklist for choosing a web design company in Newcastle

View of a web design company in Newcastle's quayside

View of a web design company in Newcastle’s quayside.

1. Which creative service does your business require?

A question you must ask before approaching any web design company is which of their services would you require to complete your project. Design companies such as ourselves, not only offer to design and build bespoke websites, but also provide graphic design services; such as branding and stationary for your business — which the design of the website ultimately revolves around.

We also offer digital marketing campaigns and strategies that both provide instant and on-going results. Handling anything from SEO to email campaigns even after the initial build has been completed.

This is why you must firstly check what creative or specialist services your chosen web design company offers for you to get the best experience both before and after the project has been completed.

2. Costs & prices of a good website

Web design in Newcastle can become very competitive in terms of prices. Anyone who’s managed to piece together a website using templates and plugins, instantly offers their services as an experienced web developer. Then they often attempt to provide you with similar templates to offer cheaper web design prices.

Everything we do at Point & Quack is bespoke and designed around your business and your needs. Nothing we do is ever pre-designed or outsourced. Everything we provide is done in-house by an experienced and qualified team of developers and designers.

We’ve had clients tell us that they’ve been charged between £10–20k on even the most basic business website projects. This is a massive comparison to our competitive £1–2k pricing structure. Although, most of these web design companies can often get away with this. This is because most B2B businesses think that the higher price tag adds more value for money and therefore quality. Though ultimately, this often gets you a similar website, yet it has been overly compensated with unnecessary plugins and functionality — which can ironically even slow down the speed and performance of your website.

3. Current type of clients

When choosing any web design company, you want to see a list of their their current clients and projects they’ve worked on. You want to try discover if they cater for your specific industry or niche as they are the company who may have the best experience in designing for this area.

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