Why you should refresh your outdated web design

An example of old to new

Websites are becoming increasingly relied on as the middle man between consumer and business and function as an expected norm for any reputable business.

According to Statistica, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online. This is up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016.

Therefore, with the massively growing rate of online business websites, your web design must be up-to-date to compete with competitors.

Reasons to refresh your outdated website

1. Better reflect your company

In a digital age, a modern and efficient website is an expected norm for consumers.

With this in mind, quality web design should be a high priority is it is often seen as reflective of your companies ethos.

An up-to-date, organised and effective website will do well to suggest that these values extend to the service you provide too.

Additionally, if a consumer is looking to find more information about a company, including contact details, they will most likely search online.

Therefore, websites are becoming relied on more as a source of information, having an updated web design increases the reliability and credibility of your brand.

2. Better user experience

Designing your new website

Updating your website can significantly improve the way your customers interact with your business.

By making the process as efficient as possible, you are more likely to see a higher rate of conversion.

Redesigning your website is an opportunity to review your content and optimise your website to improve the user journey.

2.1 Navigation is key when designing a quality website

User’s should be directed to their desired page within a few clicks.

2.2 Bounce rate can increase with poor navigation

The 15-second rule provides an idea of how long it should take for users to find the right page, otherwise, you risk them leaving before conversion.

To improve the user experience, we suggest clear headers and page titles with links throughout your website.

2.3 CTA buttons can also help improve the user’s journey and overall experience

Clear CTA buttons can effectively direct users towards the purpose of your website, whether this is purchasing a product, contacting your company or signing up to a newsletter.

CTA should be bold, obvious and strategically placed around your website for your user’s convenience.

2.4 Having a responsive website

Perhaps the most crucial point to improving user experience is the importance of having a responsive website.

According to Search Engine Land Over 50% of searches, now come from a smart device.

Not having a responsive website means your company is missing out on a significant section of the market, which often exclusively use their mobile for searches.

With less traffic and fewer visitors, your business will see a significantly lower rate of conversion.

Additionally, Google takes into consideration the accessibility of your site. Having a responsive design will mean your business will rank higher on the search engine index.

3. Improved performance

Site-speed score provided by Google

Updated web design will likely improve the performance of your website again improving the overall user experience.

Outdated code may slow your website down, a refreshed website will mean faster loader times which will retain the interest of your customers for longer.

The quicker the performance, the higher the chance your customer will complete your CTA before they bounce.

On the other hand, outdated websites present issues regarding security.

Updating your site means it will become more difficult to hack with new and improved software and coding practices.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

Tapping into the key design and industry trends within your web design can consolidate your position as an industry leader.

A bold and impactful insurance website that avoids cliche design, is likely to stand out and if executed properly, will receive more interest. As new methods of showcasing your products or services can better highlight the value of your company.

Video hero example on Leigh's Nurseries' website

For example, Leigh’s Nurseries recently updated their website with a video featured in the hero section of their homepage.

Visitors can see the staff interacting with children, a difficult concept to describe over text or shown in photographs.

The ability to see first-hand the quality of service they provide is likely to increase the conversion rate.

5. Improved SEO

Google Search Console results after refreshing an outdated website

Updating your website can provide other opportunities to improve your online presence.

Revisiting your website copy and optimising for SEO will allow your website to rank higher on the search engine index.

Keywords should be updated frequently and rethinking your keyword targetting can identify areas for your business to develop.

Ultimately, for your website’s SEO to be successful, you must do your keyword research and remain informed on how your audience is changing to stay relevant.

6. New integration opportunities

HubSpot integration

Finally, refreshing an outdated website is an opportunity to integrate new software which can drastically improve how your business runs.

Introducing software such as automatic order fulfilment, tracking, billing and CRM systems can effectively streamline your business and improve management.

Similarly, customers can also benefit from integration with easy access to your blog, ability to create an account and improving the overall shopping experience.

Relying on new software can also avoid the risk of human error, as your business processes become more automated through the website.

Putting the plan together

Firstly, consider reviewing your website to see what can be improved. Perhaps make a list, consult colleagues, customers and even consider web design agencies for suggestions.

As the more ideas you have, the more streamline the process of refreshing your outdated web design should be.

Posted on 26th Mar 2021