How new businesses in Newcastle can succeed on Twitter


Chances are that your new business needs a social media strategy. This article is a guide on how small & new businesses in Newcastle can succeed on Twitter.

Joining the North East’s hashtags

New businesses in Newcastle can benefit from following all the various business promoting hashtag accounts in the North East.

These accounts have weekly schedules to help promote your tweet through re-tweeting it around Newcastle, including the rest of the North East.

You can use these to promote your events, offers and other news related to your business throughout Newcastle.

The process is relatively simple. You find the scheduled time for the hashtag and post your tweet at that time, making sure to include their hashtag.

Hashtags to follow

#NEFollowers & #NEHub

@NEFollowers has a massive user following, close to 30,000 and their partner @NEHub has an even larger following of over 40,000. Both account’s scheduled hashtag time is every Thursdays, from 2–3 PM.

They also offer one free unscheduled shoutout to new followers through their website. This service is extremely useful if you’re wanting to promote your new business around Newcastle quickly.


@NorthEastHour also holds an impressive user following of over 40,000. They have multiple scheduled hashtag times for every Monday 8–9 PM and every Tuesday 2–3 PM.

#ThisIsMINE (Made In North East)

#ThisIsMINE is an ongoing social media campaign started by @lordlancaster in 2016. It was started to help raise the profile of the North East’s business community with a particular focus on local events and businesses in the digital and creative sector.

This campaign has an outreach of close to 1-million users. Therefore, it’s something you should get involved in if your business is in this specific industry.

Statistics for the outreach of the #ThisIsMINE campaign on Twitter

Other groups?

If you’re using another upcoming hashtag to help promote your new business in Newcastle, feel free to share it with us on Twitter so that we can spread the word.

Helpful tools

Twitter Analytics

Twitter has a built-in analytics software aimed to provide useful metrics on your tweets. This can be a useful tool to discover which style of tweet your followers are engaging more with. If you’re unclear on what analytics are, be sure to check out our article on web and social analytics.

The user interface of Twitter Analytics


Similar to tools such as HootSuit; HubSpot offers a useful tool to help cross-publish your posts across various social media platforms in one go. HubSpot further helps to provide key insights on social engagement, all within one platform. They also have a useful Chrome extension, making sharing on social media even easier.

The user interface of HubSpot's social tools

Promoting other new businesses in Newcastle

Another great way to promote your new business through Twitter is to follow other small and new businesses. Helping each other can become a great way of producing new social media content for your business, whilst also building a network of business partners.

Posted on 11th Oct 2017